Where Wooden Wishes Come True........

Hello and Thank You for visiting.

   My name is Mark Stephens and I am your host and the owner of The Wooden Wish.

   My fascination with wood goes back about as far as I can remember. As a boy, I spent countless hours in "The Woods". Much of that time was spent looking at, and studying the differences and nuances of trees. The different shapes of trunks, knots and imperfections (ie: Burls) piqued my  interest.

   As I aged, this interest just grew. I began to study the tools and techniques used to bring out the inherent beauty  Mother Nature  endowed these trees with. Over time I  developed an eye to see the beauties and a touch to bring them to life.

   This has brought me full circle to where I am today. Along with these talents I use old world technique along with new world tools. I use these to bring wood to life and create heirloom pieces for a discriminating clientele.

   I produce heirloom furniture, elegant staircases, custom cabinetry and exquisite hardwood floors. However, this is not the full scope of my work. If you have a 'Wooden Wish', simply contact me and let's see what we can do to make it come true.